I am an artist living in Treuddyn Nr. Mold in Flintshire. I have had works displayed in a number of exhibitions, including the National Exhibition Of Wildlife Art and The North Wales Open Art Exhibition. I have been featured in Artist and Illustrator magazine.

I have worked, full time, outside the field of art, but, having recently retired, I am now able to give painting and drawing more attention.

I undertake commissions, whether these are paintings or drawings, landscapes, portraits, or animals. I paint originals but also copies of old masters. Please see pricing for details.

Some example are below. 
Example copies of old master paintings. All painted in oils using the same or similar colour palettes to the orginals.
Girl With a Pear Earring
This painting is now very famous, perhaps only second in fame to the Mona Lisa. It was painted by the Dutch artist, Vermeer, in about 1665. It is not regarded as a portrait but rather a generalised image of a girl in an exotic dress. It's possible that the model was his daughter. The original painting is faded and damaged, so trying to get a true idea of what it looked like is very difficult, My copy, above, combines the impression from many different photographs.
The Goldfinch
A painting made famous by the book by Donna Tarrt and then even more famous through a film of the book.

The painting is one of very few known to be painted by another Dutch painter, Fabritius. He was killed in a munitions store explosion in Delft in 1654 at the age of 32, one of the greatest losses to the world of art.
Les Meules à Giverny, or 'The haystacks of Giverny' . This is one of a series of paintings by Monet. His painting technique is both very free and controlled. Bold strokes of colour but with precision and a genius for colour combinations.

I found this more difficult to copy than the other two copy examples on this page.
Recent Commission
American green frog painted as a commision for an amphibian enthusiast!
Recent Commission
A formal portrait of a spaniel puppy, commissioned as a birthday gift.
Recent Commission
Triptych of cats as a celebration of the much loved pets of a personal friend.
I work from photographs, these have to be of quite high definition and colour true, as far as possible. It is preferable to have a number of photographs not only showing the look but also the character of your pet.

Once a size and cost is agreed I would create a small number of layouts using image editing software and share these with you as approximations of the intended finished painting. I would then make changes, if required, and agree on a final image. If you are still happy for me to continue, I would want a 25% payment.

I would then start the painting.

At some stage, roughly half way through the painting, I would send you a photo of the painting in progress, if you are still happy I would complete it. Time to complete is difficult for me to predict, it depends on the difficulty of the painting and other commitments. 

Once completed I will send a photo of the final painting.. If you are still happy with it, I would want payment in full. Once the payment is received we could arrange to either meet and hand the painting over or I could post it (at an additional cost). If you are simply not happy with the painting at this stage and I can't reasonably resolve your concerns then I would return the 25% you have paid. 

I am not offering a framing service at the moment and would request that you find your own local framer.

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