Trophy Winner



This is after about 1hr of drawing. Nothing more than the structure in place.
Now at 2 hrs. I will complete the club house first and try not to make it too clear or the trophy winner won't stand out. These photos are blurred; I will have to get a better light for the next photo!

At about 5hrs now. Most of the hotel / club house is complete, just a little bit of adjustment to some of the vertical and horizontal lines.

The face is difficult because the resolution of the original photo is poor. I have had to invent the eyes and the glasses! I hope they look like the real ones. I have about another 1hr on the face, a little more contrast, more smile and finish the hair and so on.

Then the body, hands and all important trophy!

7 hrs. Most of the job is done now. I will do the green and rough behind the champion, alter his left hand, bring out the trophy a little more, tidy it up and hope the customer likes it.

2 more hrs and it will be ready to go!

This is it! 9 or may be 10hrs. I have placed the text in two places (virtually at the moment). It hasn't come out too bad. I wanted the winner to stand out a bit more.

If the customer wants the text on the frame rather than the drawing I might work up the green on the left a bit more.

Once we had decided to not have the text on the drawing I had to draw in more of green. So this is now the final version, 10hrs. If you click on the picture you will see a full size version.

This photo is lighted such that the drawing looks brighter on the left than right; the actual drawing isn't like that.