Commissioning - I am happy to paint or draw any scene, animal or portrait. This can be from a supplied or public domain photograph (please be aware of copyright). Although I am not a professional photographer, I am happy to take the photographs myself provided they are not too far away or you are willing to pay all the travelling expenses. I am always happy to travel to the Seychelles if you want something painted from there!.

Much better is to use a professional photographer like Kris Pendlebury , I can then work from these photos.

The price is based purely on the size and type of the work.

For a typical oil paintings prices start at about £300.00 un-framed maximum size is about A0.

For drawings prices start at about £100.00 un-framed and A3 is the largest I would undertake.

All the paintings are on a treated MDF board. This is easy to work with, stable and can be of an exact size. However, if you would prefer canvas then there is no extra cost but the available sizes are limited. Oil paintings are not treated, but after about a year of drying they can be varnished, but I don't do this.

All drawings are on a high quality, cartridge, drawing paper. Drawings are all treated with a coating to help them 'fix' to the paper. None of the works are ever turned into 'limited' additions, they are yours exclusively.

If I become incredibly famous and my works sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds, if you sell, all the profit will be yours! Of course if I don't ....

Time to complete depends on the size, my work load and the inherent difficulties of the work. Portraits and pets usually take longer. Most oils paintings would be complete in three months from starting, most drawings in three weeks from starting..

If you want a work bigger than the sizes listed above then we would have to negotiate a price. Due to the fairly details style I use, the amount of work involved is proportional to the area, over a certain size I either take forever to complete the work or I have to adopt a different technique, in either case it makes life difficult for me. Basically if you want a BIG work then you are going to have to pay a LOT of money.

All the above prices and fees are subject to changes at any time. However, once agreed, they are fixed. I never come back to ask for 'a bit more' because it's taking longer....

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