This is after about 1hr of drawing. There is more than you can see in this photo. The main aim at this point is to get the basic structure correct. I have developed the eye and collar quite early as this gives the whole drawing a 'focus'. The rest of drawing will hang on these two elements. I want to give the impression that Paget is about to spring to his left, I will do this by making his right foreleg more finished and his left foreleg less so. This, I hope, will have an imbalance that makes it look like he will fall to his left unless he moves. The paper looks yellow in this photo because of the light I used to take it in.
Now at 3 hrs total. I spent a lot of time on the mouth. The head has to look as if it has three dimensions. The mouth will be used to give this effect.

5hrs. another 3 or 4 should see this finished. The whole drawing is not displayed in this photo. Paget is right of centre, also adding to the imbalance and hence movement. I plan not to finish the body with as much detail as the front, but at this stage it looks as if head and body are not really attached! This will change..

The drawing is on a much lighter paper than these photos imply.

7 hrs. Mostly done. just some balance work, tail, shadows and some grass. I wanted to leave his front left leg less finished but it doesn't look balanced if I do that so I will have to complete it in more detail.

9 hrs. That's about it on the whole paper, A3. The leaf bottom left is to give a counter balance to Paget being right of centre. It also 'closes' the left side of the drawing.

A frame and border would complete the picture.

Click on the picture to see a larger version.