Oil Paintings


Width 50cm, height 40cm. Oil on board.


A made up view of Porthmadoc, North Wales. Although these houses are there, they aren't coloured like this....I wanted to create a very bright landscape.

Width 60cm, height 45cm. Oil on board.


This painting was started in about 1981. It has sat behind a cupboard, under a bed, in a loft, behind a desk for most of the last 20 years.

It is after a photograph taken whilst on holiday to the Greek island of Mykonos. The apparently dilapidated buildings on the water front are know as 'Little Venice'.

I dusted it down a while ago, changed the sky colour to the intense blue, added more reds and orange to the buildings and changed the water detail.

I hope to finish it soon.....


Width 20cm, height 40cm. Oil on Canvas.


This is of a disused railway line that runs behind Pontybodkin in Clwyd. This is the good bit, about 100 yards further on the old line is crossed by a road bridge. People have dumped rubbish off this bridge for many years, the last time I looked it was filthy, I may paint that one day!

An urban landscape from Mold. I like the layering of views that you often get in a townscape, as the towns grow and space becomes a premium, one development builds in front of another. In this case an old ribon development has blocked the view of St. Mary's church, later a building has been placed behind this ribon devlopment that has further hidden the church, but not quite! The church refuses to be not seen.

In towns there are hidden corners and forgotten places. This is a building, the original purpose I don't know, that sits behind the High Street. You can walk past this to enter the Mold cattle market. How many times has it been patched? There are at least 5 different sets of brick work and additions. All blocked in now, why is it still there? what was it for? who is JAKE? it has many stories to tell.

I love the texture of the brick 'face'.

Another urban landscape from Mold. In this view the old gate posts still exist and the building behind is made from the local sandstone. It shows scars from many previous uses, but is now all shut up, only a matter of time before it is pulled down?