This is after about 1 1/2hrs of drawing. There is more than you can see in this reproduction. The main aim at this point is to get the basic structure correct. The tones in the original photo are very subtle with no big contrasts, as befits a baby. I like to develop the eyes quite early as this gives the whole drawing a 'life' that helps the rest of the drawing. Also it allows me to better identify when the drawing is finished. At this stage I can't tell if the drawing will be finished in 5 hrs or 15hrs.
Now at 3 1/2 hrs total. I spent a lot of time on the mouth. I had to do this three times to get it ok. This looks like it will be a 15hr drawing rather than a 5hr one!

5hrs. I could almost leave it at this. The plan at the moment though is to finish most of drawing to the same level of detail. The figure now has a real 3D impression, with the hand coming out of the page. The face is about right but I might have to darken some of the contrasts to maintain a balance as the rest of the drawing progresses.

The drawing is on a much lighter paper than these photos imply.

7 hrs. I need to make the drum smoother, finish the legs and make the eyes a little darker. Perhaps a little more work on some details, tongue, ears, hair.

I feel that I am getting close to the point where any more work starts to make it get worse not better. It's all about knowing when it's finished....

8 1/2 hrs. This is now finished. I have put it in a frame as an example of what the finished product looks like. If you click on the picture you will get a much larger image, but slow to download. I have left the feet 'unfinished' so that focus stays in the middle of the picture. Because the drum and strap are less dominant in the drawing than the photo this also helps keep attention with the face.

This photo, of the drawing, is not much good.