My name is Robert Waight. I was born in Eastham on the Wirral in 1958. My parents moved to Mold in 1963 and this is where I discovered I liked drawing and painting. My father was an excellent draughts man and a good painter. I use to copy the water colours he did. I particularly liked doing the skies. I remember drawing a cat and sending it to an art competition. I won a commended! I was 8. I have drawn and painted ever since.

For a few years in the early 1970s I lived in Canada. At this time I was very keen on the Canadian group of seven artists, not known much outside Canada but worth investigating. I was also very interested in Dali and Rembrandt.

In 1974 we returned to the UK. I studied maths, physics and art at A level, but wasn't interested in pursuing any of these at University, so I went to work at Shell. This lead to an interest in computing and I have worked in that field ever since.

As you can see I am to a large extent self-taught. I only remember two pieces of advise from school art, 'use contrasts' and 'don't over use contrasts' and that's it! 10 years of art in school!

My interests outside art and work have mostly been in sports. I was a good swimmer and represented my club and region. I even got to a national age group final once and didn't come last! I was a competent ice hockey player in Canada and so a good skater. I played county badminton for many years. More recently I took up squash but not to much of a standard.

I have done many craft type activities, from tying fishing flies (I use to fly fish) to making toy castles. I have a plan to make some really good wooden toy castles, I still think children can get excitement from games that are nothing to do with computers (now that's an idea, a traditional toy castle but with computerised extras....)

Recently I have spent many, many happy hours tracing my family tree. I now have about 1500 entries and can trace one line back to 1545!

I have a few more years before I retire (the lottery didn't come up with the goods, again!), but when I do I will be putting more effort into the painting and drawing side of things.... and those castles.